BOYY ‘Slash’ Bag

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Normally, I don’t feel the need or crave of a designer handbag. Of course like most girls, I LOVE bags. I have a lot of them. But usually if I see a nice, affordable well-made bag that suits my personal style, even if it’s not from a well known brand, I just buy it. Because to me, it’s more about the style of the bag than the brand. However, there was this one bag that I’ve been lusting over for years, and that is the ‘Slash’ bag by BOYY. I think it was launched almost 10 years ago, and has become the ‘It’ bag for Thai women ever since (BOYY is the brainchild of Thai designer, Wannasiri ‘Boy’ Kongman and her partner Jesse Dorsey, which specializes in mostly women’s handbags). The first time I laid eyes on it, it was like love at first sight. Every inch of this bag oozes style and chic personality, especially that chain strap that is so edgy and rock n’ roll! I felt the bag was so me, I knew one day I had to have it.

Like all designer handbags, the Slash does come with an expensive price tag. I think at the store it costs somewhere between 20,000-40,000 Baht (560-1120 USD) depending on the size. With such a high price, I knew I had to wait until I could save up some money to make a purchase of this bag. But then sometime around the end of last year, I was browsing through pictures of this bag on Instagram under the hashtag #boyyslashbag (I’m completely obsessed, I know), and came across a picture of this one Slash bag from an online handbag shop that was selling the bag for a much cheaper price! After contacting the seller to ask for details etc., I decided to make the purchase. After years of eyeing this bag, I am finally the proud owner of the BOYY Slash bag! Woohoo!

The first time I laid eyes on it, it was like love at first sight. Every inch of this bag oozes style and chic personality

What I love most about this bag apart from its utterly cool and edgy attitude, is that it’s very practical and versatile. I carry this bag with me everywhere. I carry it to work, to my travels, and to even chill days like weekends. Plus, it goes together with every outfit I wear. Whether it’s a plain t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, and sneakers, or a smart blazer over cropped trousers and heels, the Slash just fits perfectly with everything!


The bag is made with super-soft lambskin leather with python embossed, two-way zip opening flap


BOYY logo on hardware


There are two angled zip pockets at back and under flap for quick access. The chain shoulder strap is also removable, which turns the bag into an oversized clutch!


A look at the interior zip pocket and deep velvet satin lining. I think it adds that luxe vibe to the bag perfectly


To have more room when I have to put a lot of stuff in the bag, I can just zip open the body to expand the bag!


For a more understated look, the flap can be flipped to show an all-black leather side. See what I mean when I said the bag’s really versatile?


So yeah, I don’t really know what else to say about this bag, other than how it’s super cool, stylish, and practical! The only downside to it is perhaps it gets heavy quite easily with just a few stuff in the bag, and maybe from all the hardware that comes with it. But other than that, I think it’s the perfect bag for every city girls.


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