A Hearty Sunday Brunch at ‘Roast’

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For the past few years, I have heard many times of Roast’s rave reviews and reputation for its superb coffee selection and excellent brunch menu from my colleagues and various magazines. Scrolling through Roast’s Instagram pictures and reading the reviews from both perspectives of Thai locals and foreigners, this hip eatery sure does look promising. So, during the weekend, I decided to visit Roast at The Commons Thonglor, a four storey, open-plan community mall filled with some of Bangkok’s hottest restaurants and cafes located in Soi Thonglor 17. Having worked up my appetite by walking from BTS Thonglor, when I finally got to Roast, I was really glad to see there wasn’t a long line of people queuing up in front of the cafe like I would normally see at the one at EmQuartier! With a swift glance inside the cafe through its large wall windows showing that there are tables available, I quickly pushed the door and stepped inside.

Once you stepped into Roast, you can definitely feel the hipness, chicness vibe going on. The industrial decor is minimal and modern, with straight, clean lines, wooden chairs and tables, glass block windows, and stripped bare walls. People here are well dressed, with mostly young couples and large group of friends. The atmosphere is lively and welcoming; the smell of fresh coffee and bright natural light made the place even more inviting.


a casual all-day eatery that serves up high quality comfort food made with the freshest ingredients possible

I really appreciate the way they choose to present their menu. Done in a newspaper, journal-style, the menu is sectioned along with the editor’s note, recipes, articles, and interviews. With their motto as wanting to be “a casual all-day eatery that serves up high quality comfort food made with the freshest ingredients possible”, Roast’s menu does come with a wide selection of comfort food. Starting with the ‘Brunch’ menu, they have everything from ‘Eggs Benedict’, ‘Roast Breakfast’, ‘Smoked Salmon Rosti’, to ‘American Pancakes’, ‘Cranberry Brioche French Toast’, and ‘Smashed Avocado’. As for ‘All Day Dining’, there are 32 dishes to choose from, from soups, salads, risotto, to hearty burgers, seafood stew, and barbecue pork ribs. The pictures on the menu looked mouthwateringly delicious, I wished I could just eat every single dish!

Unfortunately, by the time I got to Roast it was already past 4pm, which they have stopped serving Brunch. So, as a big fan of pastas, I decided to go with ‘Truffle Alfredo with Homemade Tagliatelle, Bacon, and Mushroom’ (280 Baht), and as for Adam, he went with ‘Zucchini and Walnut Pesto’ (260 Baht). The Truffle Alfredo is a great dish when you feel like you want to indulge in meal. The dish was very rich and creamy, but not too heavy. The truffle was fresh and smelled divine, while the homemade tagliatelle had the right softness to it. Combined everything together along with the crispy bacon, I don’t know how you can feel more comforting than that.

As for drinks, coffee is still the main star of Roast, offering a wide range of single-origin, in-house roasted beans. We ordered ‘French Press Single Origins’ (140 Baht) with Panama beans, with tasting notes of maple syrup, pecan pie, and ripe orange acidity. We are no coffee experts, but it has a dark, strong taste that certainly gives you a bit of a buzz.

Overall, Adam and I had a lovely meal, the staffs were friendly and professional, and the atmosphere was just comfortably lively and homey. Although the prices lean towards the expensive side, we understand that it was worth the quality of the ingredients, and the time the team has put in to create all the wonderful dishes. Come on weekdays for a good caffeine hit while catching up on emails and do a bit of work by using their free Wi-Fi, or weekends for a hearty meal with friends and family!


Zucchini and Walnut Pesto



Truffle Alfredo with Homemade Tagliatelle, Bacon, and Mushroom








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