My Top 5 Style Icons

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When us ladies think of the word ‘style icon’, perhaps many of us would automatically think of the biggest, most influential names of all time like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Jane Birkin. Sure, these women have left us with an unforgettable sartorial legacy, inspiring women everywhere then and now to replicate their look, but what about your ‘personal’ style icons? The ones that time and time again you always find yourself saving their pictures to your desktop or pinning them on Pinterest? I, too, have a few personal muse of my own, each with very different styles and personalities, but are all equally beautiful and stylish in their own way. Here are my ultimate top 5 style icons.



Caroline de Maigret

I think if you want to start getting into the art of dressing like a Parisian–you know, the whole je ne sais quoi, effortless chic that French women seem to master, the first modern-day style icon you might want to get to know is Caroline de Maigret. This model turned beauty muse epitomizes Parisian style down to a tee. She’s sexy but nonchalantly cool; she doesn’t wear much makeup most of the time, her bed head hair and long fringe looks a bit messy but well layered, and her outfits look as if she just threw on whatever she could grab first thing from her wardrobe without looking at the mirror, and walk out the door. I guess what I like most about her is her confident, carefree spirit, which is reflected in her style choices. I totally recommend you guys to watch her on ‘Inside the Wardrobe’ series by Vogue UK, because her fashion pieces are to die for!



Kristen Stewart

Whether it’s her off-duty look with her signature tomboy get up; ripped denim, a plain t-shirt, grubby sneakers, and sunglasses, or her grunge glamour outfits on the red carpet, she would always look effortlessly cool. I love how she always stick to her personal style on the red carpet by usually choosing casual, yet edgy mini length dresses that exude grunge-rock glam over other cliche red carpet sartorial choices. My most favorite looks of her so far have to be the ones from the latest Cannes Film Festival. She made pairing a cropped t-shirt and pencil skirt look so easy and effortlessly chic! I mean, let’s face it, we all know it’s never that easy to look effortless.



Diane Keaton

The first time I saw Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, I was totally captivated by the way she dressed. That vest! That tie! That baggy chinos! That bowler hat! This combination would probably look a bit out of place on any other girl, but on Keaton, she just made it work. I find her tomboy look to be very charming and attractive, proving that for a woman to have these qualities, she doesn’t have to show a lot of skin at all. It is no wonder she revolutionized the way women dressed in the late ’70s and early ’80s! Thank you Diane for expanding my sartorial choices–I learned that chinos is a great alternative to jeans because of you!



Kate Moss

A true British fashion icon, she’s the grunge and bohemian queen for women everywhere. She is the one who introduced me to skinny jeans and band t-shirts, and that pairing them together can make you feel like such a rock star. She always look cool and confident in anything she wears, whether it’s scruffy fur coats, skinny jeans, ankle boots, or a classic bohemian maxi dress. I don’t really know what to say more about her, other than she’s the original fashion ‘It’ girl who’s unique style will always inspire women for decades to come.



Alexa Chung

Ah…Alexa. She is my ultimate girl crush, ever. Period. If I could raid one person’s closet it would be her. She’s the biggest ‘It’ girl on the planet, having won the British Style Icon three years in a row at the British Fashion Awards, plus having a Mulberry bag named in her honor! Time and time again, she has this amazing ability to add her own effortless chic twist to her outfits, whether it’s boyish coats, dungarees, mini dresses, flats, or Chelsea boots–the way she pulls it off is simply irresistible. Often times she has this ’60s mod slash quirky school boy vibe going on in her outfits, which I totally adore. Every inch of her screams cool, from her messy bob, to her signature cat-eye makeup, and of course her inimitable style.


What about you? Who are your top style icons?


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