Alexander Wang ‘Rocco’ Dupe


Apart from the Boyy Slash bag that I’ve been lusting after for years, the only other designer handbag on my wishlist has always been the Alexander Wang ‘Rocco’. I basically love everything that Wang designs, but the Rocco is at the top of the list. I just LOVE everything about it, especially the gorgeous lambskin pebbled leather, and the studs at the bottom! Everything about it screams uber chic, and I just wished that one day I can have it hooked on my arm. Now, of course this bag comes with a very high price tag at $925 and $975 for rose gold studs. It is way out of my price range for a handbag, and even if I have a lot of savings, I don’t think I’ll ever have the heart to splurge that much money on a bag. So, for the past few months I’ve been hunting for a ‘replica’ or a ‘dupe’ of this bag, first around fashion markets and shopping streets of Bangkok, as Bangkok is THE place to get replicas for designer handbags. However, to my surprise, I couldn’t find any replicas of the Rocco anywhere, and thus I had to turn to the internet, hoping that perhaps I can find a replica online–and I did! I came across many bloggers who did a review of their Rocco dupes, which most of them got it for a very cheap price either from a website called Baginc or eBay. So I did a bit more digging into both sites, and here’s what I found.

The handles feel really firm and sturdy in my hands, and the bag has a good weight to it. It doesn’t look like a cheap, flimsy fake handbag at all

On Baginc, the replica of the Rocco is called ‘Alexa’. They sell both the faux leather and the real leather version — $69 for faux leather and $129/$179 for real leather. Unfortunately, all the real leather ones are sold out, so I looked up on the ones on Ebay. I typed in ‘studded bottom bag’ in the search bar, and there came a great number of results with different variations. Some looked almost the same as the original Rocco, while some did come with the studded bottom, but not with a pebbled texture leather. I finally came across this one that looks exactly the same as the faux leather one on Baginc, but with an even more cheaper price at $34.49! You can either choose to have the copper studs or the silver, I chose the copper and made the purchase. I mean, a replica at just $34.5? No wonder this Rocco dupe from eBay is so wildly popular!


The original ‘Rocco’


A big hit among celebrities, the Alexander Wang Rocco comes in many variations

About two weeks after the purchase, the bag arrived at my doorstep and I was over the moon! It came in a dust bag which was tightly wrapped with bubble wrap inside a brown envelope. At first I had my doubts with the quality of the bag, selling at such a cheap price and coming from China and all, but once I unwrapped the bag and had a good look at it, I was relieved. The handles feel really firm and sturdy in my hands, and the bag has a good weight to it. It doesn’t look like a cheap, flimsy fake handbag at all, and the brass gold hardware/studs don’t have that tacky shiny surface. Here are the pictures with more details:



The size of this bag is the same as the original Rocco, with 13″ L x 9″ W x 10″ H. The faux leather imitates the pebbled leather texture really nicely, and it has a nice shine to it.


There’s a two zipped pocket on one exterior side, however, they are not separated pockets like the original Rocco, as the two zips are connected. The bag also comes with a detachable shoulder strap, but it doesn’t have a shoulder patch like the original Rocco though.


The copper studs at the bottom are smaller than the original, perhaps making this bag lighter in weight compared to the original Rocco.


The bag is very spacious! I can put lots of stuff in there, which is a plus. Oh, and this bag is unbranded, meaning there’s no logo or brand patch saying Alexander Wang on it.



So to sum it up, I really, really love this bag! It’s practical and versatile, and most importantly, it doesn’t scream fake at all, as the quality is superb. The only bad thing I would say about this bag is that I wish the studs at the bottom are in the same size and shape as the original Rocco. But other than that, like I said, I absolutely adore this bag. Personally, I have no issue with replica/dupe designer handbags because not all of us can afford to spend thousands of dollars on these beauties. Of course, if getting a real designer handbag won’t put you in any financial trouble, then by all means get it! As much as I still wan’t the original Rocco, I believe that this replica is money well spent.

  • Christa


    This was actually also my HG/dream bag…. I actually bought it for over half off pre-loved (I think I got a 2014-era, basically good as new, maybe used 1x or 2x with the tags still attached!!!!,) and I absolutely love it. If you can get away with it, I’d def recommend splurging for one on sale (AW has some actually for over half off) or preloved! The leather quality is GORGEOUS.

  • Yvonne


    This seller is amazing. I just ordered my second rocco. Great quality I ordered first bag because of this same blog post. Now I’m at it again!

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