My Forever Favorite Levi’s 501

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I have long wanted a pair of vintage Levi’s 501 for many years, but as someone who is not an expert in hunting for vintage pieces, and just the thought of searching for the perfect pair of vintage Levi’s at vintage stores has always seem so tiresome and daunting for me, somehow I kind of pushed back the thought of wanting these pair of jeans for later, hoping that maybe one day when the time is right, I will finally be the proud owner of this classic jeans. Well, I can now say that I do own a perfect pair of vintage Levi’s 501, and I’m super proud to wear them!

Earlier this year during my trip to New York, I’ve visited this amazing vintage store in Brooklyn called ’10 ft Single by Stella Dallas’. Since it was during the last few days of the trip before coming back to Bangkok, I thought I should perhaps find a really good, timeless vintage piece as a gift for myself from this wonderful trip – a pair of vintage Levi’s 501 of course! After browsing through the store’s collections of vintage Levi’s for about 10 whole minutes, I finally found a pair of Levi’s 501 in my size – it fit me perfectly except for the legs that were a bit too long, but other than that I just love everything about them; the fit, the wash, the classic button fly. I purchased them at only $30 and they have been a great addition to my wardrobe ever since!

However, since the legs were a bit too long for my petite frame, and cuffing them makes the jeans look chunky, I’ve decided to cut about 2 inches off the legs so they are just above my ankles and frayed the hems myself, turning the Levi’s into a cropped frayed jeans instead. I couldn’t be any more happier with the result, pairing my now vintage Levi’s 501 frayed jeans for the first time with my favorite Breton stripe t-shirt, double buckle belt, and my new multiple strap Mary Jane shoes from Topshop for a casual, chic look perfect for the weekend.

Classic, versatile, and completely above trend, I’m sure I will wear my Levi’s 501 to death.







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