Relax and Rewind at ‘Porcupine Cafe’

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When I was coming up with the list of ‘The 7 best coffee shops and cafes in Bangkok’, I really wanted to include Porcupine Cafe, as it has always been one of my favorite cafes in town. Known for its beautiful design with bright white exterior of exposed stone surfaces, rustic interiors with wooden furniture, dry flowers, and other natural decor, as well as its super cozy and relaxing atmosphere, this cave-inspired cafe in the hip Ari neighborhood was a favorite haunt among young creatives and hipsters. However, the reason I didn’t get to include this cafe in my coffee shops list was because the cafe had decided to close down and moved to a new location nearby. Although I was glad to know that at least the cafe is getting its new location and hadn’t shut down completely, I still had my doubts whether the newly renovated Porcupine Cafe would be as good as its old one. After almost 2 months of renovating, the new Porcupine Cafe has finally opened its doors to the public in late June, and of course, I recently stopped by to visit.

I have to say that even though the new location is a bit smaller, and its once unique cave structure now looks more like a house that is ‘turned into’ a cafe, as well as the downsize of its menu to exclude savory dishes like burgers and pastas to only desserts and drinks (not sure if this has to do with its soft opening period or not) — overall the cafe still managed to save its cozy and peaceful atmosphere, its great taste in indie music, and its signature chic Scandinavian/alpine decor that we love. It is definitely a great place to come for a quiet work session on your laptop, to have a peaceful read of your favorite book, or to simply just relax and rewind to a good cup of coffee on a weekend. If you’re around in Ari, don’t forget to stop by.











Location: Porcupine Cafe, Ari Soi 4 (BTS Ari)

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00 am – 22:00 pm



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