Lynton & Lynmouth

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Sometimes I can’t believe how fast time flies. I remembered how Adam and I prepared ourselves for months to go to England, from getting our money in order, me applying for a UK tourist visa, booking flights and hotels, to making the itinerary for each day of the trip – the anticipation of going back to visit England was killing me! We both haven’t been back to England in 5 years, and we just couldn’t wait to go on this big trip any longer. But, as the saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun”, our two weeks in England quickly came to an end, and here I am, back in Bangkok again.

So far, this England trip is the best and memorable trip I’ve been on – my mother got to travel with me to her dream country, I got to visit Adam’s family in Devon, had lovely dinners with Adam’s close friends, got to go on nice day trips to new cities I haven’t been to before, and lastly went to Birmingham, the city where I lived and studied for my master’s degree back in 2011-2012, and also met Adam, my husband.

I will start this series of my England travel posts with the first day trip we went to a few days after we arrived to England. With only an hour and thirty minutes away by car from Uffculme where we stayed at Adam’s father’s house, we decided to go to Lynton & Lynmouth, two villages located on the North Coast of Devon within the Exmoor National Park. Noted for their high sea cliffs, the two villages have some really breathtaking landscapes and picturesque nature views. I read that the two towns are known as England’s ‘little Switzerland’, which I totally see why.

Too bad it wasn’t sunny when we went there, but I love the greyish, pastel hues of the town captured on camera nonetheless. Since I’ve been traveling around Southeast Asia for so long, it was very refreshing for me to see this European landscape.

Once we got there, we had a nice walk around Lynton, exploring the town’s cute range of restaurants, cafes, and arts & crafts shops.

The Lynton Town Hall – a very grand Tudor style mansion situated on a hill overlooking the town. It is home to the visitor centre, as well as a venue for exhibitions, civil weddings, private parties, and other types of events.

We had lunch at Cracker Barrel on Lee Road, a large airy cafe/restaurant serving a good range of food from burgers, pizzas, Cornish pasties, and more.

Adam and his dad

Cornish pasty and an ice cold beer – a great combo!

My mom enjoying her first taste of Cornish pasty

For your visit to Lynton, I recommend Cracker Barrel for a nice stop to have lunch – the restaurant has a homey and relaxing atmosphere, serving good comfort food and a wide range of drinks all for good value.

More exploring around Lynton

Family photo with the impressive view of the sea from above Lynton. As you can see from my mom’s hair, the weather was pretty windy!

The trip wouldn’t be complete without getting on the Cliff Railway, a historic Victorian railway opened in 1890 that connects the two towns Lynton & Lynmouth. According to the railway’s official website,  the railway is a fully working listed heritage monument, and is the steepest (rising over 500 feet) fully water powered railway in the world. It doesn’t use any electricity, gas or diesel, making it the UK’s only fully water powered railway. We got onto the railway from Lynton to go down to Lynmouth, which is about 600 feet below. The ride was slow and steady, quite a nice experience.

Seagull by the seashore – Once we got down to Lynmouth, I quickly spotted this little fella. This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.

More cute shops and guesthouses in Lynmouth

Me and mom on the bridge over the West Lyn River

Happy times with the hubby

West Lyn River at low tide

It’s never too cold to have ice cream!

I hope to visit these two cute little towns again on my next trip to England. I bet the views would be even more impressive when the weather is bright and sunny! We were there for only a couple of hours, so I think there are definitely more things to see if you decide to stay overnight. I read that there are some lovely walks from Lynmouth, especially up the river gorge to Watersmeet where the National Trust have a shop and tea rooms serving lovely teas and scones, or West along the coast path to the Valley of Rocks where you can enjoy a wonderful scenery and flock of wild goats.


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