Meet my new ‘Brandy Melville Studded Bottom Bag’

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Remember when I was so over the moon when I got the Alexander Wang Rocco dupe/inspired bag on eBay? Well, it turns out a few months later after I got it, I kind of fell out of love with it. The more I used the bag, the more I felt that it was too big and bulky for me, that it was wearing me instead of the other way around. I pretty much stopped using it, and sadly it is now being kept away in one of my suitcases.

Soon after I stopped using that bag, being the bag lady or ‘bag addict’ that I am, I was always on the lookout for a better version of the Alexander Wang Rocco dupe. I have loved the Rocco bag by Alexander Wang for years. Its whole modern rock chic aesthetic really speaks to me – it’s super edgy and stylish, but at the same time it’s not too flashy or scream ‘DESIGNER’ like some designer handbags do, the pebbled leather is gorgeous, and the studs at the bottom are a winner! However, I cannot justify spending $975 on a handbag. I mean, one day I would love to be in the position to spend that large amount of money on designer handbags without getting into financial trouble, of course. But right now? I’m happy to get dupes or inspired versions of my dream designer handbags that are affordable, good in quality and look just as wonderful as the originals.

During my search for a better dupe of the Rocco bag, I was very aware that there’s this one particular, highly sought-after replica of the Alexander Wang ‘Rockie’ bag (a smaller version of the Rocco) that so, so many girls are crazy for, and it’s the ‘Brandy Melville Studded Bottom Mini Satchel’. Once I saw how this bag looked, I instantly knew I needed to have it! It’s a dupe of the Rockie bag, so its size is perfect for my petite height, and the exact same shape of the studs to the original totally seals the deal. Now, the thing with this Brandy Melville bag is that it has been discontinued, so to get your hands on it nowadays can be a bit tricky. The best chance to purchase it is to go on Poshmark, but even that is hard (for those who don’t know, Poshmark is a website where people can buy and sell clothes and accessories from each other’s closets). For so many months, every dupes by Brandy Melville that I found on Poshmark were sold. I almost gave up the search, until one day around late of last year, I somehow stumbled upon a new listing of this bag that was still available for purchase! ‘This is it,’ I thought, ‘This bag is mine!’ I was super pumped when I found it, but as soon as I was about to make the purchase, I found out that Poshmark is only available for buyers and sellers in the US! Grrrr

For me to finally have this bag is an absolute mission. So long story short, for me to be able to purchase this bag off Poshmark, I had to change my IP address to USA. Luckily, one of my husband’s friend’s parents came to visit Thailand this month from the US, and they were kind enough to let me ship the bag to their house so they could bring it over with them here to Bangkok. After almost two months of waiting, this Brandy Melville dupe of the Rockie bag is finally here with me, and I’m totally obsessed!

The bag comes with soft faux leather that imitates the pebbled texture of the original very nicely. Even though it is second hand, the bag still looks pretty new and has a nice shine to it. The whole look of this Brandy Melville dupe comes quite close to the original, but it doesn’t have the zipped pockets on the exterior side and the adjustable shoulder strap doesn’t have a shoulder pad like the Rockie/Rocco.

I absolutely LOVE that the studs come in the same shape and size like the original. I think that’s probably one of the main reasons why this bag is the most sought-after dupe. I mean, it’s these rows of studs that make the bag so iconic isn’t it? Thanks, Brandy Melville for getting the studs right!

This bag is super duper spacious – I can pretty much put everything I need in it, such as my phone, book, long wallet, journal, and umbrella. The only downside for me about this bag is the curved double-zippered flap top that can be a bit of a hassle when you’re trying to open or close the bag. You kind of have to balance the bag on your knee to be able to open or close it properly, but hey…if you know you’re getting a bag that has a curved zip at the top, you pretty much know what to expect right?

If you’re on the lookout for a replica/inspired version of the Alexander Wang Rocco/Rockie bag, I totally recommend you to try to get your hands on this Brandy Melville studded bottom bag on Poshmark. I got mine for $70 but you can also find other listings with cheaper prices on the site. I think this Brandy Melville bag first came out around 2013-2014, so unfortunately there aren’t many available listings of this bag on Poshmark nowadays. But definitely always keep an eye out for it because who knows, one day you might get lucky!


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